Deep Stone Crypt trial run

With the release of Beyond Light, we’ve recruited plenty of fresh renegades and grinded our power levels to reach the 1250 mark. Requests have been made to make a run on the Deep Stone Crypt. Although some of us are not yet ready (looking at you, Keebord!), I think we can make a trial run!

I expect our first run to include people from the Destiny 2 LFG Discord. There’s a good chance we won’t be successful, but if nothing else, it’ll be a great learning experience. We’ll try and find a sherpa run to help teach us the encounters.


This run will be informally arranged based on clan availability. Keep an eye on in-game chat or Discord! Make sure you have the @Destiny 2 role from the #roles channel. Also, if you want to organize your own run, feel free to do so!

I expect to be available sometime after 8pm CT tonight. If all goes well, I will try to put something together around 8:30p CT.


It’d be a good idea for anyone wanting to participate to review some videos or guides on the raid to get a feel for what to expect before we go in.

Destiny Deep Stone Crypt Desolation Map and Path (sparrow section)

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone! 🦃