It’s dangerous to go alone, take this!

Last Updated: 04/01/2022

This page contains the clan’s archive of documents, tools, and utilities that will help level up your gameplay. If you think something should be added, let Quinnell know in Discord.


Elite Dangerous



Elite: Dangerous management spreadsheet

Created by Quinnell and Malcom Reynolds

The ED Management spreadsheet is a premade Google Sheets doc to help you track various things, such as Tollan mission stacks, your inventory of Odyssey equipment, fleet carrier upkeep, etc.

Tools & Utilities

ED Discovery

A community-developed application to parse your journals and upload market, exploration, and travel data to community resource sites like EDSM, Inara, and EDDB.

OD Massacre Mission Stacker

This is a new tool developed to automate the process of tracking your massacre mission stacks in Elite. Very useful for Tollan Hand Gang credit farming!

Destiny 2



Nothing here yet. Message @Quinnell in Discord to suggest something!

Tools & Utilities

Destiny Item Manager

Third-party web-app (and mobile app!) that manages your inventory where-ever you are in-game or even when you’re offline. Never use the clunky in-game vault again!

Destiny 2 LFG Discord

Find a fireteam for any activity in Destiny 2! Over 420,000 members as of April 2022. We’ve used it to find groups for seasonal content, raids, exotic quests, triumph grinds, and more!