Belligerent Discoveries

Expedition news

The expedition has completed as of September 8th, 2022!

The first Belligerent Discoveries expedition is a long-term exploration mission to Beagle Point in Elite: Dangerous. It will be commanded by Cmdr Digitalmind on the carrier Minbari.

CarrierMinbari T3B-0HZ
DepartureApril 29th, 2022 @ 2:30pm UTC
Tollan System
Returnapprox. October 2022
CommsDiscord: Belligerent Discoveries section

The Plan

Launching from the Tollan System, our initial leg of the journey is from the Bubble to Colonia using the new Colonia Bridge.

Our second stage is Colonia to Sagittarius A* in a very roundabout way. We will be exploring The Inner Scutum Centaurus Arm, The inner-Orion Persean Conflux and Odin’s Hold towards Sagittarius A*.

Our third stage will be the toughest. Sagittarius A* to Beagle Point.

We will be publishing regular updates and details during the Belligerent Renegades expedition in our Discord and Inara page throughout our Journey. This expedition is open to ALL CMDRs, new or veterans, wishing to go exploring deep space. Cmdrs may jump on board the carrier at any time during the journey.

We recommend bringing a long range (~50 ly jump range) exploration ship. Optionally, you may wish to bring a mining ship. Both can be stored on the USS Minbari.

Tritium Refueling

For those bringing a mining ship, the Minbari will have tritium buy orders available to compensate you for your services.

The USS Minbari will have all required modules needed for exploration including repair, Universal Cartographics, outfitting and armory. Vista Genomics is also available.

Time Table

WaypointDistance (ly)
Colonia22,015 ly
Sagittarius A*11,367 ly
Beagle Point39,386 ly
Oevasy SG-Y d0
Semotus Beacon & Salomé’s Reach
547 ly
Return to Bubble65,669 ly