Tollan Hand Gang credit farming

Federal Corvette in combat

So you and a small group of friends need credits in Elite: Dangerous and you need it quick. If you’ve got good combat ship, I’d suggest doing some Tollan Hand Gang shareable missions. You can easily make about 1 billion per night, or up to 2 billion per night once you optimize your mission stack.

What you’ll need

You’ll need a few things to get started:

  • A team of 2-4 wingmates
  • Large combat vessels
    • Most large-pad combat vessels should work.
    • Engineering is recommended.
  • All team-mates will need to have a small/medium taxi ship parked at Gordon Plant
    • This ship is for mission-gathering and turn-ins
  • About 3-4 hours

How long will it take?

The duration of a farming session will depend on a few things. On average, our group takes around 2 hours for collecting missions, 1.5 hours to kill things, and 2 hours to turn everything in. This is assuming we’ve optimized our mission stack.

Phase 1: Collecting missions

Elite Dangerous mission board

To start, you’ll need to go to several systems near Tollan in your small/medium taxi ship to collect missions. Your taxi ship should always be parked at the Gordon Plant station in Tollan. Fly there in your combat ship, switch to your taxi, and begin the mission collection process.

I recommend saving a copy of our Elite Dangerous: Management spreadsheet or OD Massacre Mission Stacker for tracking Tollan missions. This document also includes a list of the most common factions and systems you can find Tollan missions in.

Fly around to each system and check for missions; you’re looking in the Combat mission section of the mission board. Each mission must be a Team Mission which is noted by a circular blue icon in the mission list. You’re looking for any TEAM mission titled Kill Tollan Hand Gang Faction Pirates.

Try to avoid serializing missions! This means you shouldn’t pick up more than one mission from any given faction.

For example:

  • You pick up a mission to kill 45 pirates from Earth Defense Fleet at one station
  • And a second mission from another station to kill 10 pirates for Earth Defense Fleet

This means you now need to kill 55 pirates to complete both of those missions. Missions from the same faction, regardless of the station you got them from, cannot be progressed simultaneously!

If you’re using a spreadsheet like the aforementioned ED Management document, be sure to log the details of each mission you pick up. This will help you track what missions you and prevent serializing your missions. It’ll also help immensely during the mission turn-in phase.

You can have up to 20 missions at a time. The higher your reputation with a faction, the better your payouts will be.

In summary, to collect missions:

  1. Fly to a station
  2. In Mission Board / Combat:
    • Find team Kill Tollan Hand Gang Faction Pirates missions
    • Do not serialize missions from same faction

Phase 2: Kill pirates

Once your team has a satisfactory stack of missions, go back to Gordon Plant, switch back to your combat ship, and fly to the nearest Resource Extraction [Hazardous] marker. All wingmates should share one of their missions to the team. This will aid in progression.

Kill any pirate that is marked Mission Target. It is recommended that each wingmate hits a target atleast once before it is destroyed. This ensures each wingmate gets credit for the kill and collects a bounty for them. The bounties gives you a nice bonus on top of your mission rewards.

Phase 3: Turn in missions

The final step is to go around and turn in all your missions. When all wingmates’ missions have been completed, return to Gordon Plant and switch back to your taxi ship. If you’re using a spreadsheet, you can quickly see where all of your missions were picked up from and fly around to them accordingly.

To ensure all wingmates get credit for a mission turn in, be sure to use the following steps at turn-in:

  1. Fly to station that gave you a mission
  2. Share mission to wingmates.
    • Confirm all wingmates have the mission accepted.
  3. Hand in the mission
    • Wingmates do not need to be near you to receive credit.
    • They will receive a message telling them they’ve gotten credit for the mission.
    • They’ll have 1 week to go to the station and turn it in to get their rewards.
  4. Repeat step 1-3 until all missions at the station are handed in
  5. Fly to the next station. Repeat until done.

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