Colonia Rest Stop

As of May 3rd, the USS Minbari has officially made anchor in the Tenjin system at the Colonia bubble. We plan to remain here for refueling and engineering until May 20th (see Discord #bd_announcements in-case this changes). This pit stop marks the first major stop on our journey.

The next major landmark is going to be Syrumbi YE-A g4 (Mariana), the lowest known point on the galactic plane. After that it’s a straight shot to the center of the galaxy: Sagitarrius A*.

Keeping up with the Fleet Carrier

There have been a few instances where Commanders have fallen behind the USS Minbari during jump legs. Going forward, please keep a close eye on the #bd_announcements channel in the Discord. Jump legs will be announced by Cmdr Digitalmind beforehand and a final warning will be given a few minutes prior. Jump legs will almost always be done during daytime hours (US time zone) unless otherwise specified.

Going forward, any commanders that fall behind will have to catch up on their own. I strongly recommend checking the announcements channel and/or asking in chat before undocking for any length of time.

Per Audacia Ad Astra!

Commanders on our trip have already been taking some beautiful photos on uncharted worlds and systems. Here’s a few of the highlights from the #bd_share channel.

Hoodoo & 420inPortland
John Vedel

See you in space, Cmdrs! o7