Elite: The State of Liberty in the Federation

Corvette in Combat Zone

Our Elite: Dangerous squadron supports the Federal Constitutionalist faction in the Bilongo star system. This faction is a member of the Federation superpower, which is modeled after the United States. Recently, the Federal President has engaged in tyrannical anti-liberty actions.

This is a response to the Federal administration.

January 7th, 3308
Federal Constitutionalists Headquarters, Bilongo system

After having a lengthy discussion with Minister Hobert McCormick and ranking members of the local congress, we have decided to issue a joint statement on behalf of the Federal Constitutionalists and the Belligerent Renegades squadron.

Statement of Intent

The people of Bilongo and surrounding systems are hereby issuing a formal declaration of condemnation against the administration of President Zachary Hudson and the direction of the Federation. The actions of this administration have shown flagrant disregard for the federal Constitution and the rights and liberties of its citizens. The abhorrent bait-and-switch against Yuri Grom at a diplomatic summit as well as the implementation and expansion of the illegal and invasive Proactive Detection Bureau are just a couple of the most egregious violations of civil liberties and rights by the administration.

If this behavior is allowed to continue, the Federation will become unrecognizable as a people’s republic. Surveillance states are the tool of an authoritarian regime, not a constitutional republic. Authoritarianism is the enemy of the people.

We are issuing a warning to the Federation: Continue down this path, and there will be consequences. We have Pilot’s Federation commanders and independents who are willing to take direct action against an increasingly anti-liberty administration. We are prepared to take electoral, economic, and political action against Federal interests that threaten liberty. We are also calling upon any like-minded Commanders, pilots, and squadrons to take a stand against this hostile government.

Do not comply.
Belligerent against Tyranny.