Expedition to Beagle Point

Belligerent Discoveries expedition

ELITE DANGEROUS – With the “success” of two smaller expeditions, our most active Cmdrs have decided to go for broke and make a pilgrimage all the way to Beagle Point. This will be our longest and most ambitious undertaking in the galaxy of Elite: Dangerous to date. Considering the space-madness that befell our wayward crew on the infamous trip to Sagittarius A*, I think we’ll have some padded rooms reserved in preparation for our return.

Spreading the madness

Commander Digitalmind has offered to take on the project and will be leading it aboard the carrier Minbari (T3B-0HZ). As the saying goesallegedlymadness loves company.” Digitalmind has submitted our expedition to the official channels at EDSM and the Elite: Dangerous community calendar. We will be bringing other commanders along on our journey and expose them to our brand of space madness.

The Expedition

We fully expect this journey to take around 6 months, possibly more. The planned departure is April 29th, 2022 from the Tollan system. Regular updates and comms will be managed via the Discord in a newly created section. Full details are available on the Belligerent Discoveries page.

If you’re interested in joining, be sure to keep an eye out for future updates and make sure to tag yourself with the Elite: Dangerous role in Discord (see the #roles channel).

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