Deep Stone Crypt Raid, Round 2

Belligerent Renegades members completed our first full Clan-only completion of Deep Stone Crypt. We took a break after reaching the final encounter on Thursday night and reconvened to finish it on Saturday night.

Participants of the trial run

  • Keebord
  • Quinnell
  • Creepy
  • teryldean
  • Jigsaw
  • Chrundle the Great*

Chrundle the Great acted as our sherpa since he was the only person to have run the raid previously. His patience in the face of our…amazing skills… is to be commended.

Last 30 seconds of the DSC Trial Run from Keebord’s perspective

Round Two

We have plans to begin another run on the Deep Stone Crypt this upcoming weekend. Anyone who wants to participate, please make sure you’re familiar with the raid by watching videos or even try running it with an LFG group from Destiny 2 PC LFG. I strongly recommend a power level of 1240 or better.

Fly safe, Guardians!