Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer

Season of the Splicer

Mithrax returns. The Vex blot out the sun in the City. New exotic stasis sidearm. Season of the Splicer arrives May 11th!

Nighttime at the City

The Vex have blot out the sun in the Last City. We must work with Ikora and Mithrax, House of Light, to restore the sun.

Season roadmap

Exotic Stasis Sidearm

Cryosthesia 77k

The seasonal exotic is a Stasis-powered sidearm.

Vault of Glass returns

The famous raid from Destiny 1 has been remastered and makes its triumphant return. I look forward to running some raids. Be sure to gear up!

Vault of Glass
Vault of Glass raid jacket

ADA-1 Returns with Armor Synth/Transmog

Space barbie time! Make an armor ornament out of almost any piece of armor in your collections! Rebuild the “Loom” and use the new Synthweave currency to create a universal ornament. Ornaments cannot be applied to Exotic armor.

Seasonal weapons

Exotic Armor

Hunter: Star-Eater Scales

Allows Hunters to feast upon Orbs of Power, charging their Super more quickly and making it more potent.

Titan: The Path of the Burning Steps

Titan armor that converts Solar eliminations into increased weapon damage and makes them more difficult to lock down with Stasis.

Warlock: Boots of the Assembler

Condenses a Warlock rifts’ healing or empowering energy into projectiles that seek out their allies to bless them with noble benefits.

I hope to see you all in-game when the season drops!

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